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1.) Enigmatic

2.) Ruefully. To say anyone did anything ruefully is more powerful than ‘sadly’.

3.) Abundance

4) Sh*t. It’s my go-to curse word.

5.) F*ck. It’s my go-to curse word when I’ve already said Sh*t recently.

6.) Smoulder

7.) Tundra

8.) Escapades

9.) Viscount

10.) Bohemian

11.) Triskadecaphobia

12.) Discontent

13.)  Nefarious

14.) Celestial

15.) Vatican

16) Dogma

17.) Ishmael

18.) Disconcernable

19.) Aluminum

20.) Endure

21.) Borealis

22.) Tawny

23.) Vivisect

24.) Repugnant. It’s such a disgusting word for pretty, I enjoy that.

25.) Blasphemy

26.) Constantinople. Istanbul is not Constantinople, that’s unfortunate, because it’s a much cooler name.

27.) Neat

28.) Circumstantial

29.) Insatiable

30.) Explicates

31.) Escapades

32.) Superfluous

33.) Fabulous

34.) Comatose

35.) Destiel

36.) Spectrafuge

37.) Unacceptable

38.) Flamboyant

39.) Strapulate

40.) Antioch

41.) Vanalize

42.) Allegedly

43.) Cystic Fibrosis

44.) Australopithecus

45.) Cacti

46.) Demure

47.) Absinthe. As they say, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!

48.) Thoreau. As in Henry David Thoreau because I made really great pun one time.

49.) Pandemic

50.) Pentagonal

51.) Ruse. I like ruse because if I say “It’s a trap!” then I feel too much like Star Wars.

52.) Obligate

53.) Veneers, the false teeth, because that sounds far more fancy than false teeth.

54.) Uncomfortable

55.) Nautical

56.) Intuitive

57.) Flaxen

58.) Symphonic

59.) Miserables

60.) Viscera. It’s a fun way to say the internal organs in the main cavity, and that’s handy.

61.) Dammit

62.) Nor

63.) Existential

64.) Pedantic

65.) Amongst

66.) Spurn

67.) Abhorrent

68.) Nixon

69.) Covert

70.) Erotica

71.) Voltaire. It like this word because in a Les Miz song Madame Thenardier says it really cooly.

72.) Anthrax

73.) Angst. Angst is a word that we all need to know because it is the teen life.

74.) Sleuth

75.) Meander

76.) Czechoslovakia

77.)  Oxytocin. It’s the love drug! (love as in mating and childbirth and whatnot)

78.)  Libido

79.) Bletherskate. It’s a garrulous talker of obviously it’s pretty cool.

80.) Azure

81.) Terracotta

82.) Russet

83.) Axolotl

84.) Aye

85.) Zokor. They’re very cute little rodents!

86.) Stethoscope

87.) Interrobang

88.) Obelisk

89.) Separatrix

90.) Schwa. ə Just look at that, and hear it...schwa. SCHWA. Doesn’t that sound cool?

91.) Theologian

92.) Rhapsody

93.) Floricide

94.) Omnipotence

95.) Caramel

96.) Transit

97.) Adorable

98.) Medulla oblongata

99.) Damocles

100.) Capricorn. Fish, goats, obscure faux-sciences, what isn’t to love?
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Favourite genre of music: indie soft rock
Favourite photographer: My friend Roxxa Tigre
Favourite style of art: animated
Personal Quote: "Pobody's Nerfect This Mess is a Place"

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